Thursday, August 9, 2007

What am I to do...

I've come to realize a fact about society made obvious through an interview I had on Monday this week. Apparently, many companies log on to,, etc with job headers, such as 'Positions available for entry level Marketing/ Advertising associates' or 'Marketing/Advertising Firms now filing entry level positions.' If you are a college student looking for a job DO NOT click on these headers. Regard them as nothing more then spam! These marketing firms are looking for associates to work 'outside sales' positions. And outside sales is career code for door-to-door sales; doing nothing other then going to businesses and asking them to sample your products, i.e the lamest job ever! I was extremly frustrated after driving thirty minutes in a car that I feared would break down any minute in 175 thousand degree weather for an interview for a job walking door-to-door for little pay, no doubt. I really need a job, these people are sooooo gross! Companies such as these are wasting peoples time and should be ashamed of themselves.

On a lighter note, I discovered a wonderful British girl group called The Pipettes while reading Fashion Rocks magazine. They have an excellent sound that equals the music of the 60s and I love 'em! I will be buying their cd.

The Pipettes also reminded me of The Sharpettes from High School Musical 2. Ya know- because their names sound the same. Anyways, even though the movie comes out next friday, I can not wait to see Sharpay's triplets for the first time!