Saturday, March 1, 2008

Snow returns to Georgia

It snowed a little bit about two days ago in the morning. So little, in fact, that I had to constently strain my eyes while walking my dog to see if it was really snow falling from the sky or pieces of lent. It didn't last more then five minutes anyway and the 11 o'clock news confirmed the fact that it was indeed snow that fell on Tuesday so I hadn't lost my mind.

Today, I've run across an interesting story about Miley Cyrus before checking my hotmail. The most shocking point of this story is when the writer, Martha Brockenbrough, pointed out Cyrus' dress and over-exagerated make-up at the Oscars. I myself was surprised when I saw the cover of TV Guide this week with her on the cover. I had to take a double look to make sure that it was her and not some actress who had been shrunk to fit the cover. She appeared to be a grown woman, wearing a long, costly red dress and quite a bit of make-up. I don't think someone her age should be dressing this way-it seems as if she is growing up to fast and should take an easy. But, I watched her interview with Barbara Walters and it seems as if she has control over her life with the assistance of her faith and her family.

Well, anyway, here is that article I promised. It's long but worthwhile (you may need to copy and paste the link into your URL):

I myself see Mylie Cyrus as an unstoppable enterprising juggernaut. Her strength and confidence is evident through even the most airbrushed of photos. Even though I have never watched her show, her music can be uplifting at times as well. As of right now she's a good role-model or, at least, much better then those people so many teenagers look up to and idealize today. I hope she has a successful life.

P.S: As far as work is concerned, it's going swimingly and I'm almost done reading Philip Pullman's 'The Subtle Knife' even though, at times, I feel I shouldn't be reading it at all.