Saturday, February 23, 2008

Here is a fairly interesting video

I received this video from a long line of forward emails and I find it very interesting. Try your best not to get as upset as I did when I wathced this reporter repeatedle bash this young man with persistent questioning in an obvious attempt to make the young man look bad. I find it insulting how quickly he approached him in a crowd of Obama supproters, asked him a series of questions, and almost immediatly interupted every one of his responses. I hope that just because of the fact that this man is African American did this reporter find a need to make him look bad on camera. Because I am also a young African Amercain male and I find it difficult to believe that someone might do the same thing to me. But, the unfortunate fool who trys this trick with me will get the same results as this reporter did...

The ending inspired me because they seemed to have become friends:) g2g!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Other Day...

Yesterday, I locked myself out of my car and had no other way to get home. So I had to try and break into my back window (not by smashing it in but by opening the window a little from the top and fishing a hanger through to unlatch the door opener on the inside). But the problem was-their were no hangers anywhere at my job so I had to make one out of a display hook. When my attempts seemed to be futle and doing no good, the nicest customer came over and helped me get the hook into the car. I drove home last night and it refreshes me to think that their are people out their who help others just for the simple fact that another human being needed help-if only our world leaders thought that way:) LOL!!

I also saw the movie School Daze (produced in 1988)last night for the very first time and I loved it! For some reason, I thought of it as being a black comedy film even though it was a musical. The cinematography resembled that of the movie Heathers for some reason... If you haven't seen the movie-you need to!

Anyways, g2g!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ode to Katy

This week, Katy was voted off of Make Me A Supermodel. She had been placed in the bottom three by the judges for at least for episodes and I voted for her every time to try and keep her from going home. Anyway, this is a poem I have written for Katy, 21, of Auburn, Alabama:

O, Katy, how they changed the color of your hair,
And made you look so fare,
I once thought, 'what other model could compare,'
Until the judges began their 'critical warfare.'

It is so sad!
How could your runway walk have been that bad!
Many wondered 'had the judges gone mad!'

Every thursday I would cast my vote,
Hoping that you wouldn't fall off the boat.

But my attempts were in vain,
America's vote did also remain,
And still, a modeling career I hope you gain.

So now I leave you, Katy, with best wishes,
You will be missed; ignore the judge's disses!

If you are reading this Katy-I did honestly think you were good... On a lighter note, I am almostg done reading Ovid's Metamorphoses and will soon be reading the secong installment in Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials book series. I hope The Subtle Knife is as good as The Golden Compass. I really need to read this book before it becomes a movie at the end of the year, anyway.


Monday, February 11, 2008

My day of reflections...

Today was my forth day at my new job and I really enjoy being a cashier. I mean...not enough to cancel my college plans to persue casiering... but enough to sustain me until the next phase in my life (whatever that may be).

Unfortunately, Flava Flav seemed to have created yet another season of his show 'Flava of Love.' So America has to watch him embarrass himself, about fifty women, and the entire human race for another couple of months. And we all know how the season will end: he will pick some unlucky lady, she'll realize the mistake she made by coming on the show, she'll break up with him, and he'll redo the entire process again next year. How exciting...

The primary elections seemed to have been held on Super Duper Tuesday (February 5, 2008) and I was none the wiser. I am still rooting for Hillary Clinton and I support her 100%. The fact of the matter is; we need a president who actually cares about the people of this country and women tend to be a lot more selfless then straight men.

I leave you today with the wondrous harmonies of Rosa Ponselle singing Habanera from Bizet's 'Carmen Suite.'

P.S: I have added Nancy Senatre to my playlist-enjoy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Found It!

Here is the entire cover-

-with some more of my favorite actresses including Raven Symone and Alexis Bladeel. Oh, what I would do to work for this magazine *sigh*

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Second post of the day!

Here's a photo of some of my favorite actreeses on the June 2003 cover of Vanity Fair. This isn't the entire cover, however, and I was not subscribed to Vanity Fair at that time so I don't have that issue. Amanda Bynes is my favorite shown here. Alexis Bladeel and Raven Symone are on the other half of the cover not pictured here.

I'm In Transition

I'm in transition right now because I've had so much bad luck over the past couple of months and now things are beginning to look up-finally! I now have a job and more car will be working again shortly. I will also be able to take care of my bills on time in a few weeks; my finances will be in order. I am so happy today!

I've been paying some attention to the presidental campaign trail and have noticed that Barak Obama is being constently endorsed by celebreties like Oprah Winfrey and Pete Wentz from Panic of the Disco. I'm glad that celebreties are particpating in the American process; ther involvement, however, is turning Barak Obama into a celebrety. This is not good. The President is the leader of our country. He or she is to represent America; he or she should concentrate on our needs and not resemble a celebrity in any way. Celebrities aren't leaders; they concern themselves with only themselves (their next movie or album, their endorsments, businesses, their appearence-basically making money) and that's fine for them. But a president should concern themselves with the interests of the people and making America a better country.

Also, nowadays, many people seem to be more concerned with celebrities and their day-to-day activies (no matter how frivolous and unneccessary). Many people are no longer expressing their opinions but following the actions of celebrities. So, I'm afraid that people may only vote for those canadites their favorite celebrities are endorsing at the present time. Gone are the days when people follow the issues and make their own decisions. This isn't good, either.

Conclusion: Politics and Celebrity should remain seperate.
(I hope this doesn't insult any celebrities who pass by this blog-I really don't want to insult anyone. I just felt it needed to be said).

P.S: I apologize for that video I posted a few comments ago. The one that, at one time was of Willy Denzy performing 'Bet On It,' is now a black box with a caution sign in it's center. Sorry...I had no idea that would happen...


Monday, February 4, 2008

Color Me Surprised!

I watched Super Bowl 42 last night and was, like many, schocked when the Giants made that touchdown at the end of the forth quarter and defeated the Patriots. I don't watch to much football but even I knew I was watching something special:) I was only cheering for the New England Patriots because I subscribe to GQ and see Tom Brady on a couple of it's covers. They also had that perfect winning streak throughout the season and it would have been cool to see a team win the superbowl undefeated. Even still, everyone works hard at their jobs and every football player on the feild that night were certainly no exception. Eveyone on either team worked really hard; they seemed to have been evenly matched. And so I say: congratualtions to the New York Giants for your win-may their be many more!

I also began typing up my story and the first few pages look really good. Keep your fingures crossed for a novel in the future!

I also was employed by Publix Supermarket and had orientation this past weekend. I am really excited to begin work there as a cashier.