Monday, May 5, 2008

Much to tell!

I'm still saving up for my 2000 Volkswagon Bettle and working more hours to help pay for it. (Don't ask me how I got more hours...I just got lucky I guess.)

Last Saturday I watched the Kentucky Derby for the first time in my life and I was completly mesmerized=) I learned new words like 'fillie' and watched with amazement the wonderful fashions (especially the hats!) I particularly loved what Heidi Montague wore and she looked ten times cuter with Spencer on her arm; the two wearing matching colors (I'm serious...they looked adorable=).

It took me a while during the pre race red carpet premiere to decide on my favorite horse but I finally decided on Eight Bells. Eight Bells was the first female horse, or filly, to race in the Kentucky Derby for the last, like, gagillion years. And only three fillies have ever won, including Winning Colors who was the latest.

The race was going really well and Eight Bells made it to second place behind Big Brown (-_-#). And then, as if things couldn't get any worst, she collapsed from some horrrible injury and, unfortunately, was euthanized~~~~~>_<~~~~~. I thought she did a fantastic job and it was obvious that she was a great horse. I'll miss her.

I missed Battlestar Galactica on friday but caught a few minutes of it on Sunday while I was getting ready for work that night. All I saw was that Baltar is sleeoing with a cylon and Starbuck's crew has finally turned on her.

And tonight, the most shocking news I could ever report on this magnificent blog of mine reads as follows: (if you watch Gossip Girl and missed tonights episode, don't read this b/c it's a spoiler). Serena said she killed someone(O_O)! OMFG! Serena killed someone! Isn't that horrible! I'll never believe it until next week! She just couldn't have...

I'm still reading Gone with the wind and reviewing a little Art of War as well. Both books are fascinating q(-_-)p

Well, that's all I got for this week. G2G!