Thursday, August 9, 2007

What am I to do...

I've come to realize a fact about society made obvious through an interview I had on Monday this week. Apparently, many companies log on to,, etc with job headers, such as 'Positions available for entry level Marketing/ Advertising associates' or 'Marketing/Advertising Firms now filing entry level positions.' If you are a college student looking for a job DO NOT click on these headers. Regard them as nothing more then spam! These marketing firms are looking for associates to work 'outside sales' positions. And outside sales is career code for door-to-door sales; doing nothing other then going to businesses and asking them to sample your products, i.e the lamest job ever! I was extremly frustrated after driving thirty minutes in a car that I feared would break down any minute in 175 thousand degree weather for an interview for a job walking door-to-door for little pay, no doubt. I really need a job, these people are sooooo gross! Companies such as these are wasting peoples time and should be ashamed of themselves.

On a lighter note, I discovered a wonderful British girl group called The Pipettes while reading Fashion Rocks magazine. They have an excellent sound that equals the music of the 60s and I love 'em! I will be buying their cd.

The Pipettes also reminded me of The Sharpettes from High School Musical 2. Ya know- because their names sound the same. Anyways, even though the movie comes out next friday, I can not wait to see Sharpay's triplets for the first time!


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Molly Ringwald Sighting!

I saw Molly a lifetime movie. Alright, I don't know the name of the movie and all I really know about it is that she played a lawyer defending some guy. But she was really good, had I not needed to go to class I might have watched more of it. She come a long way from The Breakfast Club's princess, Mrs. Claire.

Look at my review I wrote for Fandango:
"If you have not already gone to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, you need to drop what your doing, run to your nearest movie theatre, buy the ticket and watch it! I am SOOOO serious right now! And if you read the book, you will be doubly satisfied because the movie stuck to the book 95% of the time. They found the perfect girl to play Luna Lovegood; she had the right level of innocence, ADD, and that wounderous look on her face never faded. She was, like described in the book, extremly spacey, always looking at the sky.Case in point, go see this movie! IDK why you haven't seen it yet!" TT4N!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Birthday wishes

Happy 20th Birthday, Ashley Tisdale!
(July 2, 1985)

Happy 21st Birthday. Lindsay Lohan!
(July 2, 1986)

Happy birthday to my two of my favorite actresses!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

How DARE you!

Driving down I-85 yesterday after spanish class, I turned on the radio for some "light-hearted" tones. When I got to 94.1, the radio announcer was going to introduce Amy Winrehouse's song, 'Rehab.' He said something like and here's Amy winehouse and if you haven't heard of her, you should google her because she's somewhat "of a freak." Can you believe? Amy Winehouse has an excellent CD and has brought back a genre of music that was almost forgotten and made it modern. She the greatest in my book! And of all the things she is (a wife, brillant singer) she gets called a freak! If I were her, I'd be totally enraged. But, anyways, I'm just venting out my anger, Bye!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My favorites os the 100

I just viewed Forbes Top 100 Celebrities online and i was surpried major!! Of course, the strongest and richest woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey, was #1. Here's a list of my favorite celebrities from Forbes Top 100:
#48. J.K. Rowling
#51. Maria Sharapova
#53. Gisele Bunchen
#79. Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter in the movie series)
#80. Reese Witherspoon (number 80 *sob* come on guys...)
#84. Heidi Klum
#97. Emma Watson (Hermoine Granger from the Harry Potter movie series)
#98. Hayden Panettiere (the only reason why I liked Bring It On: All or Nothing)
I was very surprised not to see Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, aren't they like multi-billionares? The rest of the list was alright, I would have liked to see Raven Symone or someone from the cast of high school musical *sigh* but that's okay... Rachel Ray was on the list as well and, even though I don't know how to cook or watch Food Network, I have to say I LUV her so she deserved to be on the list!

Spanish Update: It took me three semesters but I finally understand whats being said to me in class! Reading questions is becoming much easier because, now that I can read the question, I can give the right answer!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I can not believe I just realized this!

I just had an epiphany-Monique Coleman (from High School Musical and Dancing With the Stars) must be related to Gary Coleman because they have the same last name! She still my favorite celebrity to ever be on DWTS anyway.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I working doing-you know-work and this nice lady comes up to me and introduces herself as a vender and she was just in the loading department to view her merchandise. Well, on the way to her goods, she asks me was I in school, what I majored in and what I planned to be in life. I replied that I am going to GPC, majoring in journalism and am to be an editor for GQ magazine. I've been asked these questions before by random people in public, but this lady was kind, thoughtful and seemed to take an intrace in my well-being. No one has every been so nice to me! I could carry a very heathly and meanigful conversation with this woman-I mean, she was reallllyy nice! But not so nice to be creepy, but she was really cool! She then, out of the pale blue sky, told me that I would make a good model! Now, I've been told to model before but that was just from family members, so I never took it seriously. I know some people may consider me attractive, but I just think of myself as ok lookin. Modeling is something I know I can do, but I have to handle some physical limitations before I even do it. But I really, really appreciate this wonderful woman actually taking an interest in my life. So, today was a good day at work!

If gotta get ready for my spanish test tomorrow. I actually feel confident I'll get a good grade, too!! So, chill til next time, bye!

Monday, June 4, 2007

"Life is a box of chocolates..."

So much is going on right now-I mean, I am TO busy! What with work and school piling on the work, things are no longer easy. I'm only taking 2 classes this semester; spanish and English 1101. In Spanish, we were given a workbook, where we have to finish some 20 assignments, a 'lad manuel,' where we have to finish twenty more assignments and the professor gives us homework. I also have a spanish test every other week and this is when all my assignments are do. English is, if not more, just as complicated. My english professor gives the class about ten worksheets that have to be done by the next week, a few pages to read with homework assignments per page and three one-page journal entries. I know, I know, y'all might be thinking "STOP COMPLAINING!" But the work I can handle, the problem comes in when I have will I have time to complete the work. With 35 to 40 hours a week at work, there's not enough time in a day to do it all. I have to do some (and by some, I mean half, or maybe all of one) of my assignments on my lunch break. I'll make it work, don't worry!

Anyways, I watched the MTV movie awards last night and loved it! Especially with Sara Silverman's rash comments. I remember when she talked about Paris Hilton going to jail and how they were going to paint the jail bars of penis and then said Paris my break her teeth on them-absolutely a blog moment! And then, apparently, Paris checks herself into prison early so something Silverman said must have stuck with her. I remember Rihana's stellar performance of her new song, Umbrella. And afterwords, Silverman comes out and says how much she loved the song and how "Umbrella is rihana's mother's name." The joke was so terrible but I laughed anyway.

And, after hearing Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab' song completly, I actually like her music! I'll have to go by her CD. TT4N (I'm working on my IM speak)!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

To french or not to french...

(This post has nothing to do with kissing.) I finally decided, after my third semester in spanish, that this really isn't the language for me. I took two years of frech in high school and had no problems at all. Hopefully, all I will need is two semesters of a foreign language to graduate with my associates. If so, then I'll take french as a minor for the rest of my college career. Isn't it weird though? I had to take spanish to make myself realize how much I liked french!

Anywayz, I caught American Idol last night for some reason and jumped up and down with joy as Jordan was being crownded this years American Idol. I think she's excellent! I mean-I didn't even have to watch the show to know how great she is! I can not believe the great performances they had on during the season finale-I mean Bette Midler was off-da-chain! And Kelly Clarkston-luved it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So much going on...

Well, *snif* I watched the season finaly of Gilmore Girls last night and I must say...I almost cried. Especially the scene where Lorelli's freaking out because Roary never got a chance to where her orange sweater. And Roary looks at her mother, solumnly, and says "Mom, you've given me everything I need." ~~~~~~~>_<~~~~~~~ It was so sad *sob*

I've also have good news. I managed to pass Spanish with a C! And I have no idea how that happened. I've also been promoted to Full-time at Home Depot (the place that I work) and hopefully the bills will be less difficult to pay.

And, this whole Paris trying to get out of going to jail is BS! I mean, don't get me wrong, I LLLUUUVVV Paris Hilton, I really do. But, when you do wrong you have to pay the price and take responsibility for your actions. There really is no discussion required for her situation. She had her liscence suspended, she was not allowed to drive but did anyway and she was sentenced to prison for 45 days: case closed. She's going to jail!

Also, I just finished reading 'The White Bone' by Barbara Gowdy and that book was AWESOME!! Of coarse, there's a lot of drama in that book and it represents the struggle animals must go through just to survive to see tomorrow. So many of the main characters (who are elefants) were killed by pochers for their tusks. The family of the main character, the She-Ss, went from a family of many to only 5. This book describes the brutal effects of the ivory trade perfectly and makes me wanna go to Africa and stop it myself! Good job Gowdy!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Guy falls asleep @ the wheel on youtube

Today, I heard from a few associates at work that there was a video circulating through youtube about a live video cam showing a guy fall asleep at the wheel. I know it shouldn't be funny but...(I'll let you be the judge).

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Regarding the VT massacre...

So many people think that the VT massacre signifies the "end of the world." It doesn't! If, when this happened, people took a blind eye or sighed and said "Oh no...another massacre...honey what are we having for dinner?" then you would know the end is coming. If something like this became so common that people no longer took notice or did anything to help, then-and only then-would there be something wrong. As long as human nature prevails and people still unify at the conclusions of these types of horrific events, humanity will continue. So very often do people underestimate mankind.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

OMG, the day I've had!

Well, everything was going great (I had an first day, on-the-job training today at 9:30am). I left the house on time, got on the highway and everything was going great...until I realized I had left something-my shoes!! Well, not my driving shoes, but my dress shoes (b/c I have to where business atire). So then, I was like, I have to go back home to get my shoes. Once I got off at the nearest exit, I realized I really didn't have time to go all the way back home-or I could but I just would've gotten to work a-gagillion minutes late. So, I speed over to Gwinnett Place Mall, but aparently they're not open at 9:00 in the morning. So I jumped back in my car and drove to Payless... and they're not open either. At this point I was running out of options (it was 15 minutes until work time). So, after I almost gave up, I drove over to Target and-Thanks to all that is good and holy on this Earth-it was open. I ran in, bought a pair of dress shoes I usually wouldn't, bought a box of wheat bars and jumped back in my car (5 minutes to d-day). And of course I called to my employer and let them know I was to be late. And, when I finally got their 20 minutes late, I threw of my tennis shoes and put on my new dress shoes. Those shoes were so big I felt like I were wearing slippers!! I could've sworn I was a size thirteen but I guess I was wrong...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Zach Johnson- you da man!!

Tiger Woods is an excellent golfer and all that but I kinda got tired of him winning ALL the time. Every time you would turn on the t.v., you'd hear that dred sports announcer "Woods won the 70th annual Master's championship for the 98th time in a row!! YE-HAH (cuz you know all sports anouncers are from the south)" It was starting to sound like he was the inflated celebrity and all the other contestants were there just to make hime look good. Here's an article with him trying to explain himself for losing without saying the actual words "It's about time somebody beat me..."

Woods Reflective On Runner-up Finish (article from

Sunday, April 8, 2007Art Stricklin
When Tiger Woods thinks about why he tied for second in the 71st Masters Tournament, he won’t reflect on Sunday’s dramatic play. He didn’t consider the four-iron he broke off a tree on No. 11, not the approach shot in the water on the par-5 15th, or the missed six-foot birdie putt on the par-3 16th.
His thoughts go deeper than that as the chief reason he failed to win the fifth Green Jacket.
“I basically blew this tournament with two rounds (Thursday and Saturday) when I had bogey, bogey finishes,” he said “That’s four-over in two holes and you just can’t afford to do that and win major championships.”
That bogey-bogey finishes proved to be vital as the winning margin for 2007 Masters champion Zach Johnson was two shots.
“It’s frustrating in the sense that I just made a couple of mistakes,” Woods said. As he usually does, Woods made things interesting for the patrons on a sunny Easter Sunday. He entered the final round playing in the last group, one shot behind third round leader Stuart Appleby. A first nine 37 dropped him farther back. Then the traditional second nine fireworks started. He bogeyed the par-4 10th hole to fall three shots behind Johnson, Appleby, Retief Goosen and Rory Sabbatini. On the 11th hole his drive went into the woods on the right and finding himself stymied behind a tree, Woods broke his four-iron but the ball flew into the fairway.
“That’s not the first time that’s happened,” Woods said of the broken club. “I did that at the 1999 Tour Champions when I hit a rock.”
Despite snapping his club, Woods managed a par save. On the par-3 12th, he said he hit a 5-iron and managed another two-putt par.
“I had to hit it a hard as I could and work it to get it on the green, but it worked out,” Woods said.
He made his only eagle of the week 13th, rolling in a two-foot eagle putt to cut his deficit to two shots, but that proved to be his last challenge of the round.
“I thought it would be great,” he said. “I made three there and hit a perfect drive on 14 and wound up in a divot. So I’m thinking, ‘here we go.’ I probably hit the best shot I hit all week to give myself a putt at it.
His six-footer on the par-3 16th, his last realistic chance to close to gap on Johnson, also failed to fall. Woods said he is never happy to finish second, but he was not surprised to see Johnson, his 2006 Ryder Cup teammate, earn his first Green Jacket.
“Zach is a good player; he proved that making the Ryder Cup team and he played the best today,” Woods said.
With that, the four-time Masters champion and world’s top-ranked golfer was gone.'

PS: If you didn't understand any of that golf mumbo-jumbo, you're not alone. I have no idea what a bogey is.... I might as well be reading spanish.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Those sunsilk commercials crack me up!

I'll be at home watching something lame like america's Funnest home Videos or the new season of Mad TV (you know that show isn't funny anymore). And, all of a sudden, a sunsilk commercial comes on and for thirty seconds I am delighted. Their so mean to eahother but it's, like, in a friendly way. The blondes joke about the brunettes and the brunettes back fire-it's WONDERFUL. I love these's just a shame that I'm neither blonde, a brunette or a girl! I hope you enjoy.


Saturday, April 7, 2007

My first blog :-p

Will someone answer me one question...Since when is Spanish the most difficult language known to man. I mean, I find it really difficult to understand this language! It's the most dificult class I've taken since AP Biology my seniore year in high school. One night, when leaving class, my professor said: "Buenos noches!" and I'm like "What did you call me?" and he's like "Buenos noches, it means...." "I know you just didn't call me what I THANK you just called me!" and he's like "Goodbye Brian" with a big sigh. But, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I just need to figure out a way to increase, or get, my spanish vocabulary. Maybe if I knew what was being said, I'd be okay in this class.

I also recently found out about this Lauren Conrad (the amazing lead of the Hills, an MTV reality show) and ex-boyfriend, Jason, made a sex tape. I got this excerpt from Perez

'MTV reality star Lauren Conrad is the latest girl in young Hollywood with a homemade porno about to be made public, sources reveal exclusively to
The Hills star made a sex tape with former boyfriend, bad boy Jason Wahler, who has been arrested three times in the last twelve months and was recently sentenced to serve time.
"Jason is trying to sell the video before he goes to jail," a source close to Wahler tells us. "LC will lose her mind when she finds out!"
Conrad, obviously, was aware of the tape's existence. "Lauren tried to break into Jason's apartment to get the tape," says a mutual friend of the pair. "She was practically stalking him and calling non-stop until he finally agreed to give her the video."
But, what LC doesn't know is that Wahler wisely kept a copy of the tape, sources tells, which he is now trying to peddle.
"They edit around the show to make Lauren look like a goodie two shoes on The Hills, but she's hardly a saint," says an insider on the show. "LC is gonna pop more Adderal then she usually does when she finds out that news of the sex tape was made public."
And it might leak online if Jason isn't able to sell the video, we're told.
One person who's seen the tape says that it's fairly standard stuff. No watersports or anal sex, but....
The viewer couldn't help but notice "LC's got really large beef curtains."
Says a friend of the reality TV star, "She's got overly large girly bits. Everyone knows."'

Personally, I fell awful that this info got out. I like Lauren on the Hills and I liked her on Leguna Beach. The only reason they made a sex tape was probably just something for the two of them to enjoy. Something she most definitly didn't want to hear, see or think about ever again. And now it's being blasted all over the internet! well-LC-I'm on your side :-)