Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All About Chuck

Ed Westwick plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl (one of my favorite shows of all time) and even though his character is disgusting, immoral, and vastly immature his style more than makes up for his personal weaknesses. I adore his fashion!

That's all for now! G2G!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It has been a while....

A lot has been going on lately. Firstly, I was promoted to customer service at my job! Isn't that great?

I also have developed perhaps an unheathy fasination with the french culture-especially the 18th century, during the reign of Queen Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. I've seen both versions of Marie Antoinette (the 2006 version staring Kirsten Dunst and the 1938 version starring Norma Shearer) and I loved them both!

One of my favorite historical figures from this time period is now the duchess de Polignac. I don't know why but I think she was awesome! The most I know about her is that she was the Queen's favorite(so much so that many critics at that time took the two to be lovers) and that she was supposedly having an afair with another man.

I can't wait to visit France one day and see the Palace of Versailles and, of course, the Champs Elysees. Many of my associates are even helping me with my french (to bad I didn't pay attention in high school).

Oh, and I am highly anticipating HSM 3: Senior Year! I saw the commercial and I will be seeing the movie in October-its a done deal!

That's all for today, folks, g2g!