Thursday, May 24, 2007

To french or not to french...

(This post has nothing to do with kissing.) I finally decided, after my third semester in spanish, that this really isn't the language for me. I took two years of frech in high school and had no problems at all. Hopefully, all I will need is two semesters of a foreign language to graduate with my associates. If so, then I'll take french as a minor for the rest of my college career. Isn't it weird though? I had to take spanish to make myself realize how much I liked french!

Anywayz, I caught American Idol last night for some reason and jumped up and down with joy as Jordan was being crownded this years American Idol. I think she's excellent! I mean-I didn't even have to watch the show to know how great she is! I can not believe the great performances they had on during the season finale-I mean Bette Midler was off-da-chain! And Kelly Clarkston-luved it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So much going on...

Well, *snif* I watched the season finaly of Gilmore Girls last night and I must say...I almost cried. Especially the scene where Lorelli's freaking out because Roary never got a chance to where her orange sweater. And Roary looks at her mother, solumnly, and says "Mom, you've given me everything I need." ~~~~~~~>_<~~~~~~~ It was so sad *sob*

I've also have good news. I managed to pass Spanish with a C! And I have no idea how that happened. I've also been promoted to Full-time at Home Depot (the place that I work) and hopefully the bills will be less difficult to pay.

And, this whole Paris trying to get out of going to jail is BS! I mean, don't get me wrong, I LLLUUUVVV Paris Hilton, I really do. But, when you do wrong you have to pay the price and take responsibility for your actions. There really is no discussion required for her situation. She had her liscence suspended, she was not allowed to drive but did anyway and she was sentenced to prison for 45 days: case closed. She's going to jail!

Also, I just finished reading 'The White Bone' by Barbara Gowdy and that book was AWESOME!! Of coarse, there's a lot of drama in that book and it represents the struggle animals must go through just to survive to see tomorrow. So many of the main characters (who are elefants) were killed by pochers for their tusks. The family of the main character, the She-Ss, went from a family of many to only 5. This book describes the brutal effects of the ivory trade perfectly and makes me wanna go to Africa and stop it myself! Good job Gowdy!