Monday, September 8, 2008

How Much Do I Luv the 2008 VMAs?

The amount is too great to be counted! I especially loved what the Jonas Brothers wore (especially the white suit Joe Jonas wore). I'm glad that Britney Spears is finally back and winning awards already. Christina Aguilera practically fell off my radar and I'm glad she's back as well.

Everyone looked fenomenal from Jordan Sparks(thanx for standing up for the Jonas brothers and their decision to wear promise rings) to Lauren Conrad, from Pete Wentz(I luved his outfit too) to Speidi. Paris Hilton looked awesome as well.

I am also a Tokio Hotel fan now officially! And Paramore isn't that bad either. And for some reason I can't get 'The Seven Things I Hate About You' out of my head (even though I don't know the full song).

Shame on Perez Hilton for starting trouble with last night's host, Russel Brand. Of course, he made a couple of off color jokes aimed at the Jonas Brothers but apparently he thought they were funny at the time and apologized for what he said after Jordan Sparks (again, thank you) made a statement defending promise rings. Brand should be forgiven the Jonas Brothers should ignore it and we all need to just get along!


Christina Aguilera Hangs with the Jonas Brothers

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