Sunday, June 29, 2008

Attack of the killer bees=0

I report to you no later than five minutes after this event took place. My entire family (my mom, dad, brother, I and maybe my dog a little on the inside) are still laughing about it.

Earlier today, my father mentioned how there is a bee colony living in a hole in our backyard. Only a few moments ago, he asked me to assist him in killing them with raid and, after putting on his shoes (while wearing a pear of shorts, no less) ventured to begin his quest while I remainded in my bedroom getting ready.

No sooner then he left, however, was the whole house shaken by his screams of "Ouch!" and "I got stung!" and, unfortunately for the first time in my life, I heard my father scream like a twelve year old girl. Sad to say, he was stung by, according to him, three bees and, upon escaping them by running into the house terrified, one managed to follow him inside. We had a terrible time getting this one, as you would expect.

He then went out onto the back porch, followed by my mother and my brother,(I remained downstairs to search for any winged intruders) while still a bit shaken by his ordeal. The bees seemed to still be active, and launched another attack from the backyard. My brother stumbled over his own feet, screamed and then fled to his bedroom and closed the door tight so as to keep out those yellow intruders.

A couple more bees made their way inside. One was killed at the porch door. Another was audacious enough to venture into the hallway bathroom where I was forced to smash it using my brother's framed high school certificate. The family, eventhough shaken thoroughly, laughed uncontrollably for quite some time. It was then that I decided to blog about this event.

Do not fear, the bees retreated to their underground nest, apparently, since there are no more in the house or the garage where they started their assault. And now, with the adventure over, I can get back to reading 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' by Oscar Wilde.


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